Replicate, Sync & Repost
One Space for Everyone
A smart micro-marketing space for business and branding. A content replicator app for modern storytellers to clone, create and curate stories. We bring all the content together while allowing you to use the tools you love.
Inspired by Business &
We built Mi Space to empower existing business and branding to express their point of views via Story Telling method.
Say more with unlimited texts, photos, videos and links!

Effortlessly clone and modify stories that you find interesting and add them to your space. Can’t find any? Then create your own story!

Reach Potential Leads

Enable visitors to make enquiries directly to your usual messaging platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, and more!).

Direct Conversion

Interesting story written? Convert the potential leads using Call-to-action (CTA) feature. Attach any links that you wish the them to click on.

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